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Why Is My Home Insured for More Than I Could Sell It For?

While the market value of your home is commonly based on tax assessment records, real estate appraisals or the recent selling prices of similar homes in your neighborhood, your homeowners insurance limit is based on what it would cost to replace your home if it was completely destroyed. This is frequently a different figure from what your home could fetch on the open market. Erie... Read Article

Large Losses Are a Threat to Nearly Any Business

Many trends in today's business world are exciting and encouraging. Unfortunately, the number of lawsuits and high-dollar awards in liability cases are not one of those positive trends. Here are a few recent news headlines from around the country: Pennsylvania hotel sued for concussion from shower slip. Fatal two-truck accident case in New York results in $3.97 million settlement. Virginia victims get settlement checks (about... Read Article

How to Thoroughly Evaluate Your Workplace Wellness Program

Evaluating your wellness program is a critical step in ensuring the continued success and viability of the program. The ladies in our department can often be quoted as saying that a wellness evaluation helps you, “reduce the inefficiencies of your program, reuse the best practices that have developed, and recycle sound wellness strategies after they have been retooled." It is true that a quality program... Read Article